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sequestering-dispersing agent
[main ingredient]
Complex of a variety of high molecular polymer
[product properties]
Appearance: colorless to light yellow liquid
PH value: 5.5-6.5 (10% water solution)
Solubility: soluble in water
[product characteristics]
* to calcium, magnesium and iron and other metal ions, especially calcium and magnesium ions and has excellent
Chelating ability, effectively improve water quality, improve product quality.
It has excellent desizing effect and soap wash effect.
Excellent performance. The high temperature alkali cooking, the pretreatment process can be applied to high temperature in the alkali.
[reference dosage]
Specific dosage process, please customers through the sample adjustment
[packing and storage]
50kg, 125kg plastic drum at room temperature sealed preservation, shelf life of one year
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