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Universal refining enzyme

Main ingredients
Inorganic salts and surfactants

Product characteristics
Outside view: white powder
Ionic: anion
PH: 10-12 (1% aqueous solution)

Product features
¡ï It is multifunctional pretreating agent that combine with Alkali agent, refined, osmosis, chelation, hydrogen peroxide stability, ect.
¡ï Suitable for cotton, polyester/cotton knitted fabric, towel, bobbin yarn ect one-bath pretreatment process
¡ï Easy to use, low fabric weight loss rate , reduce the COD value of waste water.
¡ï Excluding APEO, fluorescent whitening agent and other substances

Reference Dosage
The overflow 1-4 g/L 
Jig dyeing 1-3%
Customers please consider to adjust the dosage through the sample,

Packaging and storage
24kg bag, 2kg*12 bag, keep sealed out of the sun,stored in 0-25¡ãC .  Store time: 24 months .

The above information is only for user reference.The company does not undertake the products under any circumstances are the responsibility of improper use.Suggest user before using the company's products must according to the actual conditions of use to test, to confirm the applicability of the products.


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